Super Snacks for Kids

These snacks are great for kids (and adults) to graze. They combine a variety of options that include carbohydrates with protein, fiber and/or healthy fat. There is one on this list that even your pickiest eater should enjoy.


• Baby carrots with hummus dip
• Apple slices dipped in nut butter (add raisins or granola for fun)
• Whole grain cereal with yogurt
• Edamame (fresh, cooked soybeans)
• String cheese and a piece of fruit
• Cottage cheese and fruit
• Handful of raw nuts or trail mix
• Pita bread spread with hummus (add shredded carrots)
• Rice cakes with nut butter and banana
• Parmesan cheese melted on a slice of whole-grain bread
• Blueberries in yogurt
• Popcorn (air-popped)
• Celery sticks with nut butter (add raisins of sunflower seeds)
• Cherry tomatoes with cheese cubes
• Fruit and yogurt smoothie
• Hard-boiled egg
• Bean dip and salsa with veggie sticks
• Fruit
• Whole grain muffins (preferably homemade)
• Homemade oatmeal –raisin cookies
• Cut up vegetables with salsa and corn chips

Hmmm…I’m getting hungry now 🙂

About Sharon M., MS RD

As a registered dietitian and a master gardener, I know the healing power of food. Nothing has given me more satisfaction than growing my own food. I have experience working in the public health field, including school districts. I have worked with pregnant moms, children, diabetics, and bariatric patients. I emphasis a plant-based, whole food diet. Yet, I appreciate the movement of eating sustainably, while hoping folks appreciate the bean as a source of protein. "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld "Feeding is going well if both you and yor child are having a good time." -Ellyn Satter
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