To Exercise or Not to Exercise?

To Exercise or Not to Exercise? Is that really the question…? Our bodies not only rely on good, healthy food, but, also, on regular (physcial) activity. Regular physical activity happens to be what we need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Case in point. I went to the gym near me. It is a Bally’s which recently just changed over to a LA Fitness. When I got there, the doors were locked. Several folks were waiting to get in. Evidently, only 2 employees of the gym has the key and not one of them showed. So, I waited for 5 minutes and then decided to leave. At this point, folks who don’t like exercise would see this as a sign and decide not to work out. However, I knew where the other LA fitness gym is near me and went to that one. I had never been at that gym before today. Guess what? It’s gorgeous inside! It’s brand new and they have regular classes. So, I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and still stuck with my routine of physical activity. AND it turned out to be a better gym.

So, the point is not to avoid exercise and come up with excuses. The point is to have a back-up plan. Yes, a plan. Living in Southern California the weather is usually nice. If your regular routine is walking, then have another exercise plan just in case you can’t go walking. What happens if it rains, or it’s windy, or if it’s 50 degress out? Yes, I know that’s not cold for the rest of the country, but here in SoCal it can be a barrier. Overcome your hurdles, and find another exercise routine you can do for yourself. If it’s not walking because it’s raining, then do an exercise video at home. If it’s not biking outdoors, then it might be using the exercise bike at home. You get the picture.

Someone famouse once said (don’t know who it is, but if you know, let me know) a dream is a goal without a plan. Have a plan — not just for exercising but for your general over all health. Don’t skip your exercise routine. It will make the day go better.

About Sharon M., MS RD

As a registered dietitian and a master gardener, I know the healing power of food. Nothing has given me more satisfaction than growing my own food. I have experience working in the public health field, including school districts. I have worked with pregnant moms, children, diabetics, and bariatric patients. I emphasis a plant-based, whole food diet. Yet, I appreciate the movement of eating sustainably, while hoping folks appreciate the bean as a source of protein. "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld "Feeding is going well if both you and yor child are having a good time." -Ellyn Satter
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