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Onions & Garlic: A rose by any other name

I have been attending herbal classes.  While I know some of the benefits of the nutritional properities of some herbs, I always enjoy learning more.  So I thought I would share the benefits of onions & garlic.

The distinctive odor that garlic produces doesn’t occur until it is crushed.  This is the plant’s defense mechanism against insect predators.  Garlic cloves contain an odorless , sulfur-containing phytochemical  called “alliin.”  When the clove is disrupted, alliin is released and reacts with an enzyme in the neighboring cells that converts it to the odoriferous “allicin.”   Allicin is the garlic’s bug repellant – and a “people” repellant which is why many folks are shy about eating it.  If that’s the case, roast or cook whole to avoid the smell.

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Cholesterol: Know Your Numbers

Me: How’s your blood work?

 Hubby: The doctor said my cholesterol was a little high.

 Me: What was it?

 Hubby: I don’t know.

 Me: (staring at him with my mouth open).

This is an over-dramatization, but the point is clear. It is common for folks not to know or ask their doctor about their cholesterol numbers. You noticed I said numbers with an ‘s.’ There is more than one number that you need to know when it comes to cholesterol.

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Healthy Eating Outside Your Home

Are you watching what you eat? Do you like to eat out?

Then Healthy Dining is for you. I like to empower folks with information that is not only practical but helpful in their lifestyle choices. Healthy Dining has a website that will help folks nationwide to find good menu options at their local restuarants.

Are you watching your cholesterol? No problem, they will let you know the most heart healthy dish on the menu. They give you the nutrition guide for each menu item so you can make smart and healthy choices.

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