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Is Junk Food Dangerous?

If you haven’t been watching Dr Oz on television, then you might not have heard about the high levels of arsenic in apple juice.  Apple juice made from apple juice concentrate, 60% of which comes from China, has been linked to high levels of arsenic.  Why is this a concern?  Arsenic along with other heavy metals is known to cause cancer.

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The Hazards of Canned Food

Since I have a family, I have become more discerning about the food I make for them.  Yes, I cook more than we eat out.  I could usually use convenience foods to get the job done. However, I recently found out that varies canned foods I buy at the supermarket might not be the best choice for me and my family.  Canned beans and tomatoes save me time in the kitchen, but may be putting my health at risk.

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